We offer both private and salon training, as well as group and one-on-one training courses for classic lashing and mentoring. The beauty of us giving 1:1 is we can be flexible with course dates to suit both the tutor and the student.


Book a Masterclass session for an inspiring and fun specialised training experience, unlike any other eyelash extension training programme currently available in Jersey. (Select either private or group training sessions below)



1. Have you completed your Classic Lash Course, received certification and feel like you could benefit from a Masterclass session? Learn all the tips and tricks to applying perfect sets and fast-track your progress.


2. Have you completed most of the Classic Lash Course but feel you could benefit from 1:1 mentoring and support prior to your assessment? This training will help prepare you for your assessment with practical, hands-on help to make sure you’re 100% ready.


3. Have you previously completed your lash training but not had much practical experience? Or perhaps you’ve been out of the industry for a few years? Do you feel like you need a bit more advice and guidance? This session will help you recap and give you a great confidence boost!


It’s estimated that the global Lash market will be worth $1.5 billion dollars by 2022 so make sure you’re ready to be a part of this growing industry. (Statista Report, Nov 23, 2020)




“I am very passionate about my job, teaching others and inspiring them to have the same passion for beauty and business that I do. Lash Extensions is a fast growing business, and a highly profitable one too, so if you want to take your business and your skills to the next level then this is the Masterclass for you. Not only wilI I help you fast-track your skills, but you’ll receive advice and experience from someone who has been in the industry for 10 years and knows what it takes to turn a qualification into a successful and lucrative career. From an interest that turned into a passion, I have built my business from the ground up and turned it into a full-time career. I own a popular salon offering a wide range of treatments, with a team of highly experienced and qualified Therapists who are passionate about what they do. If you continue to always strive to do better and constantly build your business, you will gain the confidence in your skills to raise your prices and expand your business”.
Sarah, Salon Owner & Trainer


These sessions are tailored to suit your needs, and it will depending on what level you’re at and how much experience you have already. There will be both theory and practical training in each session.


It’s important to note that this course is to gain a better understanding of lashes and is not a full qualification. Lashing is an art that takes time, skill, patience and experience to master and additional training is a worthwhile investment in your career as a Lash Tech.


Some or all of the following topics will be covered during your Masterclass:
(this will depend on the duration of your booking, please see options below);

1. All foundations of lash artistry, lash consultations and how to create the perfect set of lashes.
2. Workspace set up & personal set up.
3. Different types of lash treatments (Hybrid, Russian / Volume, Classic)
4. Lash treatment options and timings
5. Problem solving
6. Lash mapping and different techniques
7. Choosing length and style
8. Correct lash application, distance and direction
9. Working with straight and curly lashes
10. How to price your sets
11. Product knowledge, how to create your perfect lash kit and all the essentials you’ll need.
12. Hygiene, sanitising, sterilising
13. Eye health and allergies




This Masterclass will also help you build a successful business by teaching you:
• To promote on social media, marketing & branding your business.
• Grow your business to be successful and lucrative.
• Profit margins and pricing (and the benefits of having a good accountant)
• Trouble shooting. This is designed for you, so we will work on anything you need in order to propel your business into success!
• How to price your services and potential income.


Please note this course does not include a kit, as part of the course we will be helping you build your perfect kit, however if you would like to order one please just ask.


We will provide everything you need on the day, including a model to work on, refreshments, training notes & pen.


We will arrange a practise model on the day, and you will be able to take before and after pics for your portfolio.


Please note that Masterclass sessions are currently only available in Jersey (Channel Islands). Online remote sessions can be arranged so please get in touch.


Before booking please ensure you read over our Training Terms and Conditions.


(In person)


Express Masterclass (2.5 hour session) £250


One Day Masterclass (6 hour session) £495


(Please note there is a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 people per group)


Express Intensive Masterclass (2.5 hours) £160 per person


One Day Masterclass (6 hours) £295 per person


Once we have received your booking, we will get in touch to arrange a suitable day and time for you to be booked in.



Full payment is required at the time of booking.


In case you are unable to attend, we can reschedule your course. You can request this up to 7 days before your course day at no additional cost.


Cancellations up to 48 hours prior: There will be a £50 admin charge deducted from your total, the balance of which will be refunded to you.


Rescheduling your booking with less than 48hrs notice: There will be a £25 admin charge which is payable at the time of re-booking.

The world of eyelash extensions is growing faster by the second, and now is the perfect time for you to get into it. Eyelash extension training is an affordable time commitment that will change your life and make you enjoy going to work for years to come, as well as being a highly profitable salon treatment. Most Lash Technicians earn between £30 – £40 per hour (after over heads or if commission based), which is nearly £60,000 per year! An experienced master lash technician can earn up to double this amount.