BREAKOUT DEFENCE + AGE REPAIR™ Oil-Free Antioxidant Serum


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Living in busy cities or polluted areas can take its toll on skin. This is because environmental damage is a key contributor to blemishes and premature ageing. Fight back with Breakout Defence + Age Repair. This powerful anti-ageing serum uses patented copper PCA, a revolutionary antioxidant with incredible free radical-fighting abilities, to shield the skin from environmental stress. 100% oil-free, the lightweight serum is ideal for blemish-prone skin and won’t clog pores. It features a blend of botanical extracts clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Blemish-fighting actives like soothing niacinamide and beta-glucan increase the skin’s ability to repair itself while visibly reducing breakouts and scarring. Over time, imperfections are prevented, skin firmness is improved and sun-damaged skin is visibly renewed.

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